Where Is Your Crafting Area?

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Like many of you through the years I have acquired a  lot of  crafting supplies. WE all know how those trips to our favorite craft store can turn  out. 😂  With that being said finding places to store your crafting treasures can be a challenge. I don't know about you but it's very frustrating to get inspired to make a craft and then not be able to find your supplies. So what  next? We go and spend more time and money unnecessarily purchasing more supplies. UGH!  So what is the answer to this situation? For me it is ORGANIZATION ❤️Just saying the word makes me smile LOL.  As you can see here I have incorporated my crafts into my dining room. My hutch that my beautiful mother purchased for me as an anniversary gift is where I keep the majority of my supplies. It brings me joy to use this piece to house my creative jewels. My mother went to heaven two years ago❤️ So utilizing this hutch is a way to keep her with me. She was always my sounding board for all things creative. We all need that special someone to speak life over us. 😊 Back to the topic 😁  Organization!! It really does make life easier. It really is a necessity. Think about it. We love to craft because it relieves stress. LOL If we can find our stuff! So I am going to give you a few of my favorite storage solutions.* I do make a small commission from these affiliate links. This does not affect your price in any way.   I love this for housing my rolls of vinyl. Another trick I like to use is slap bracelets for my rolls of vinyl to keep in a neat roll. I love this cart ❤️ It houses my scrapbook paper, flat vinyl, stencils and more. Each container can easily be removed for ease of use. The additional storage on top is great also. That is where I keep my large paints. Lastly is this little gem This is a perfect storage cart for a small space. I will be bringing you more of an in depth look into my craft area in the future. I'm so EXCITED for you!!  😁🙌🏻