The Tale Of The One Eared Bunny

Posted by Create with Paint on

  As I was unpacking my Easter decor I noticed  my favorite bunny had lost an ear. I've had this figurine for years and I love it. As I stared at it wondering how to hide it's brokenness , I started thinking how we are broken and not perfect. But God doesn't throw us away. NOPE! He still loves us and our imperfections. So I will be keeping and proudly displaying my one eared bunny and every time I look at it I will remember that perfection is not what brings love.

  I think that life has given us all some chips  and nicks along the way and like this one eared bunny. Life may have given you some harder hits . So you may have a few more broken pieces. But that's ok!  Those imperfections are what makes you special. . If we use our brokenness to help others then we are taking life's lemons and making lemonade. Life is so much about perception. I choose to make the  DECISION daily to look at the world through God's eye's.